News & Events

2020-09-10 SonicScan month 18 meeting

On September 10th, 2020 the SonicScan M18 Meeting took place at PROFACTOR in Steyr (Austria). Despite difficulties for travel planning related to COVID-19 restrictions, ACS visited PROFACTOR for the event. A short live-demonstration of the ultrasonic scanning setup in the lab at Profactor was part of the meeting. Interesting technical discussions were conducted with the topic manager via video conferencing. Details on how to organize the upcoming review meeting in October were discussed. The consortium is looking forward to take over the positive momentum to the second period of the project that is about to start.

2020-07-29 SonicScan at SAMPE Europe 2020

The SAMPE Europe conference organizers recently confirmed that the event will physically take place in Amsterdam. We are looking forward to present the SonicScan project there. Our talk “An integrated robotic work cell for highly automated ultrasonic inspection of complex CFRP parts” is scheduled for September 30. It will be part of the session on Automation starting at 14:00. We are looking forward to meet interested visitors there!

2020-05-20 DGZfP Conference

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, a scheduled presentation of SonicScan at the German DGZfP conference for non-destructive testing was cancelled. However, we are happy that the conference organizers made it possible to publish a short article on SonicScan in the DGZfP news for July 2020. Please find the full newspaper including our article online under DGZfP Zeitung.

2020-03-19 M12 Meeting

Due to COVID-19, the SonicScan month 12 meeting on March 17, 2020 had to take place as a video conference. Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, the project is progressing. Remote collaboration between project partners works very well. At month 12 the completed installation of hardware for the demonstrator work cell in the Lab of PROFACTOR was reportet. A set of ultrasound scans have already been conducted on initial sample parts. The consortium is looking forward to investigate new sample parts as provided by the topic manager Fokker.

2019-10-08 M6 Meeting

The month 6 meeting for the project was held at project partner ACS in Saarbrücken (Germany) on October 8th, 2019. Recent advances in planning of the robotic workcell demonstrator for the project were discussed. A strong focus was put on future sample parts to be used in upcoming tests and developments. The topic manager provided valuable feedback with respect to recent developments and future plans in the project.

2019-04-24 Kick-off Meeting

On April 24 the kick-off meeting for the project SonicScan was held at NLR facilities in Marknesse (Netherlands). All members of the consortium took part in interesting technical discussions. The project included a visit of NDT facilities of NLR. Thanks to everyone for the constructive atmosphere!